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Five Social Media Tips For Small Businesses

  Every month we feature a business who is offering an opportunity on http://savvyguest.co.uk  This month we are delighted to feature a guest blog from Sarah Bennett, Director of TechandToast You’re running a small business and you understand that you need a social media presence. It’s difficult though, right? Not enough time, not enough resource or […]

Post Exit and Acquisition – a Success Story

  Post Exit and Acquisition. Each month we feature a business to guest blog who is offering an opportunity on Savvy Guest. The month we are delighted to feature The Future Ltd. MD,Kathryn Orange works  with SME leaders and Investors that are looking for business improvements/growth and/or have acquired businesses. Kathryn goes onto say…. We […]

Savvy Guest receive a GM Social Value Award

Savvy Guest is delighted to receive a 2018 GM Social Value Award from Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce in recognition of our hard work and time dedicated towards a great cause. The GM Social Value Awards were launched to say thank you to the businesses for their dedication and support towards supporting GM and local communities.  […]

Use caution when copying images!

The World Wide Web has opened up a world which we previously had limited access to.  We are now able to connect and share our experiences with people across the globe and access images instantly using various social media channels. If you use the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pininterest etc, you’re sure to find images of stunning scenery, holiday locations, makeovers, […]

TOP TIPS for Registering your Company with Savvy Guest

We have provided a few top tips for registering your company with Savvy Guest and adding your first opportunity for a pre-career meeting. We would like to suggest a few tips to ensure your opportunity is approved for visibility to the public.   Remember once logged in, go to your company profile page to add your […]