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04/03/2024 17:00

Spend a session with... Andrew Crabtree, Project Manager - Manchester

Opportunity Sector
Energy and Utilities
Typical Salary
> £70,000
Characteristics most suited to this role
Enthusiastic (6)
Communicative (6)
Adaptive (6)
Trustworthy (7)
Practical (6)
Customer Focused (6)
Creative (4)
Business Address
Savvy Meeting Place
Main Business Sector
Energy and Utilities
Annual Turnover
Up to £20,000
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About this Opportunity

Andrew is an ex-rugby player, bank manager and now project manager in the nuclear industry. Andrew can provide information on a typical day in the life of the project manager, the skills involved and the career paths into the profession.

Andrew is also the founder of Get Into Nuclear, is happy to discuss all things nuclear and how this industry is essential to the future generation of clean energy for the UK and across the globe.

About Get Into Nuclear

Get Into Nuclear has grown organically to become one of the most loved go-to websites for individual, businesses, agencies and influencers, across the globe looking to get into nuclear. We\'re best known for our \'So How Did You Get Into Nuclear\' articles and Nuclear Career Hub. As an intermediary for the nuclear industry, we do so much more.

We provide a directory of nuclear employers, nuclear recruiters, and nuclear job boards, as well as training providers and courses and a marketplace for businesses such as marketing agencies, events facilitators, Business Development and Tendering companies and social value support.

We don’t advise you or provide a recommendation, but we provide clear information to help anyone looking to get into nuclear. However, we offer bespoke support for yourself, your business, your agency and influencers interested in focussing on nuclear.

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