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26/10/2021 17:00

Have a virtual meeting with... Diane Curry, CEO - Manchester

Opportunity Sector
Non Profit Charitable organisations
Typical Salary
£20,000 - £23,999
Characteristics most suited to this role
Enthusiastic (6)
Communicative (6)
Adaptive (5)
Trustworthy (7)
Practical (6)
Customer Focused (7)
Creative (5)
Business Address
1079 Rochdale Road
M9 8AJ
Main Business Sector
Non Profit Charitable organisations
Annual Turnover
Over £1,000,000
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About this Opportunity

An understanding of the role of the sector in relation to providing support services within Welfare and Justice areas. A knowledge of the role of the National Probation Service and partnership working.
Information about the Criminal Justice Sector, its role and policies relating to rehabilitation of offending. A view on racial disproportionality within the Criminal Justice System and what is being done to tackle this.
The importance of families in the rehabilitation of those who offend and a consideration of why people find themselves caught up in Justice processes.

About POPS (Partners of Prisoners & Families Support Group)

POPS is a charity founded in 1988 by families who were supporting a loved one through a prison sentence. Since then we have developed into a medium sized organisation, providing support to those in custody, their loved ones and vulnerable women in the community (Oldham). We also manage a Black prisoner Project providing support to Black men who are transitioning back to communities after a prison sentence. All our contracts are funded and delivered in partnership with HMPPS (Prison and Probation Services), Local Authorities and Trust Funders.

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