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Closing Date
29/05/2020 10:43

Have a coffee with... Michael Blakley, Co-founder - City of London

Opportunity Sector
Recruitment and HR
City of London
Typical Salary
< £15,000
Characteristics most suited to this role
Enthusiastic (6)
Communicative (6)
Adaptive (7)
Trustworthy (7)
Practical (5)
Customer Focused (7)
Creative (4)
Business Address
Google Startup Campus
4-5 Bonhill Street
Main Business Sector
Recruitment and HR
Annual Turnover
Up to £20,000
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About this Opportunity

Background as a freelance assessment consultant working for a range of FTSE100 and public sector companies. Now a Co-founder of an HR technology company with an interview app that tries to reduce bias. Can offer careers advice, interview advice, assessment centre advice and insight into the HR tech world.

About Equitas

Equitas is an HR technology provider that helps companies make better, less biased hiring decisions with our digital interview platform for the delivery of live interviews.

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