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Have a coffee with... Lynn Sbaih, CEO and Founder of Give2Gain Time Bank - Stockport

Opportunity Sector
Non Profit Charitable organisations
Typical Salary
£20,000 - £23,999
Characteristics most suited to this role
Enthusiastic (7)
Communicative (7)
Adaptive (5)
Trustworthy (6)
Practical (5)
Customer Focused (6)
Creative (6)
Business Address
Savvy Meeting Place
Main Business Sector
Non Profit Charitable organisations
Annual Turnover
Up to £20,000
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About this Opportunity

Time Banking is a community group that brings local people together to help each other via the exchange of time.

You will be provided with some detail about the way in which the time bank is governed and the ways in which we work in partnership with local businesses and other community groups and charities. You will also receive detail of how membership of the time bank could provide you with the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge that can be reflected within your curriculum vitae.

About Give2Gain Time Bank

The Give2Gain Time Bank recognises that everyone has experience that they can share to help others in their community. Members do as much or as little as they like. No cash is involved the only cost is time.

Everyone\'s time and skills are valued equally. If they give an hour they get an hour back, in help, from another time bank member. In addition to this, individual time bank members are enrolled in a \'good neighbour\' safe return home from hospital scheme which ensures they have someone to get them safely home and settled after a stay in hospital.

The Give2Gain Time Bank is for individuals, community groups, schools and businesses. Skills, resources and equipment can be shared, money saved and organisations are promoted via local and national time banking networks.

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