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Closing Date
23/03/2024 17:00

Have a chat with... Michael Livingstone, Founder /CEO - Manchester

Opportunity Sector
Business / Enterprise
Typical Salary
£20,000 - £23,999
Characteristics most suited to this role
Enthusiastic (6)
Communicative (4)
Adaptive (6)
Trustworthy (7)
Practical (5)
Customer Focused (6)
Creative (5)
Business Address
The bright building
Manchester Science Park
Main Business Sector
Computer/IT services
Annual Turnover
Up to £20,000
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About this Opportunity

Financial management. Being able to effectively manage your finances is critical. ...
Marketing, sales and customer service. ...
Communication and negotiation. ...
Leadership. ...
Project management and planning. ...
Delegation and time management. ...
Problem solving. ...

About DustiD

DustiD is an E-commerce platform that collects, stores and distributes validated shipping address details on behalf of online retailers and their customers. In one click DustiD auto-fllls the shipping address details within the checkout, reducing the friction of finding and inputting someone elses mailing address details, whilst also enabling the shopper to move speedily through the checkout.

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