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26/10/2019 15:36

Have a chat with... Graeme Cave, Owner - Oldham

Opportunity Sector
Typical Salary
£20,000 - £23,999
Characteristics most suited to this role
Enthusiastic (6)
Communicative (6)
Adaptive (6)
Trustworthy (7)
Practical (6)
Customer Focused (7)
Creative (6)
Business Address
Unit 2
Mount Pleasant Business Centre
Main Business Sector
Annual Turnover
£100,000 - £200,000
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About this Opportunity

Have a chat with Graeme and find out what it is like to be a the high end of cabinet making. Graeme will be able to explain the processes from the original design of the products through to manufacturing and installation. From his purpose-built workshop he can show you how they create beautiful pieces of furniture with meticulous attention to detail. From design to delivery, their priority is to meet the needs of their customers and to ensure their experience is enjoyable from start to finish.

About Ultimate Cabinets

Specialising in bespoke Kitchen and Bedrooms, Ultimate Cabinets are a team of professional traditional cabinet makers who manufacture and supply beautiful pieces of handmade bespoke furniture to customers nationwide.

From our purpose-built workshop we create beautiful pieces of furniture with meticulous attention to detail that would rival any other company in our field. From design to delivery, our priority is to meet your needs and to ensure your experience is enjoyable from start to finish.

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