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Opportunities in Manchester

Energy and Utilities, Manchester
Andrew is an ex-rugby player, bank manager and now project manager in the nuclear industry. Andrew can...
Non Profit Charitable organisations, Manchester
An understanding of the role of the sector in relation to providing support services within Welfare and...
Engineering, Manchester
Learn about the role of civil engineers and the requirements to enter the sector
Business / Enterprise, Manchester
Financial management. Being able to effectively manage your finances is critical. ... Marketing, sales and customer service....
Logistics/Procurement, Manchester
Understanding of roles within Supply Chain and Logistics
Creative and Digital , Manchester
Creative writing Social media management Brand building Social impact
Travel, Transportation and Tourism, Manchester
Explore the options available in the Travel and Tourism Sector. This opportunity will put you in touch...
Hair, Beauty and Complementary Therapies, Manchester
From my journey, experiences, trials and successes I have learned a lot, not only about the industry...
Community, Manchester
- Team Leadership - Performance Management - Corporate Social Responsibility - Social impact measurement - Business Management
Business / Enterprise, Manchester
Knowledge of the business funding available and what you need to do to get it An awareness...