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We always recommend Savvy Guest meetings take place in Public Open Places for safety reasons. If you have a Savvy Meeting Place, that has suitable facilities and would like to list it here. Contact us at enquiries@savvyguest.co.uk to add your venue.

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Savvy Meeting Places are recommended for employees, who don’t have a permanent location of work or a suitable meeting area.  We recommend they use one of the  Savvy Meeting Places listed. Do you have a suitable venue where people can meet up for a chat, a coffee or a bite to eat?  Savvy Meeting Places will list recommended venues that are Public Open Places where meetings can take place.  We will supply you with your very own ‘Savvy Meeting Place’ Certificate to display at your venue. REMEMBER DO NOT MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO MEET AT RESIDENTIAL PLACES.  CHOOSE FROM ONE OF THE SAVVY MEETING PLACES ON OUR LIST.

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