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It was a great opportunity to chat with an industry expert in the area of my interest. She was able to give me insight from her personal career path and projects she is currently working on. This gave me insight into the kind of skills I need to be focusing on in order to develop.


Great Feedback from a participant.

She has worked in care services historically and is looking to return so has the skills and experience to do this. She is looking to work on her confidence and has a plan to do this.

She has lived experience which is all relevant to working in adult social care as it will have given her skills and knowledge and shows her caring nature.

A Hollis – Senior Workforce Development Practitioner Trafford Learning Academy – Trafford Council

I personally found the Savvy Guest website very easy to use. Very explanatory and instructed on how to use the platform. Savvy Guest Participant.

My experience was very successful joining Savvy Guest and there were lots of different opportunities to help and guide me to the right career opportunity.
Savvy Guest Participant

I have met with all four of the “winners”, 3 in a group and 1 separately.

They have all connected with me on LinkedIn and are following up the advice I gave them.

They were all lovely, polite and motivated. It was a rewarding experience for me and I really hope that they all go on to find suitable employment

I have asked them all to keep I touch. E. Antrobus – Chair ICE – Institute of Civil Engineers

Meeting Emma Antrobus may open new doors especially because she is also helpful to connect me to others.

A. Sadrossadat – Savvy Guest Participant

It was quite helpful even though I found out it is a bit challenging for me in order to start work again in the UK. What is impressive to me is that Savvy Guest is very keen to help others.

K. Ismael – Savvy Guest Participant

I had pleasure to join Savvy Guest meeting and applying for opportunity with Emma Antrobus .she was very helpful person give us an idea on how follow different websites to involved in jobs searching and good direction into my career. I recommended Savvy Guest to all my colleagues to find similar opportunity to search for sensible valuable meeting. 

Z. Najeeb – Savvy Guest Participant

Initially I was a bit nervous as to what to say and ask, but once the conversation started I was at peace with myself and I guess the guest also felt the same. The Guest absolutely made me feel at home.

I got the right direction and clarity of jobs I should go for. Guest has given me the insight approach in a very meaningful way which is a big eye opener for me and that’s what I was exactly looking for.

Best part of the meeting is I could demonstrate my ability or skill to the guest which was missing in all my actions.

Recommendation is 10/10 and all my friends and family will definitely join at their earliest.

M. Kombasseril – Savvy Guest Participant

So proud, recently done a talk about working in education to a few guests on zoom, providing advice for those keen to join one of the best professions in the world, the session was great – I will also mentor a few, ensuring they have the right tools. Mr K Walker – Teacher.

It was a really good opportunity for me to know a lot of useful information and recommendations from an experienced teacher who works in school setting. As a foreigner,  I have learnt how to become a teacher in the UK from the the Savvy Guest Meeting, which is really useful to help me with my future teaching career plans. Savvy Guest is a great platform for people who are looking for a new job. I would like to let more friends around me to know it.

L Haiying Savvy Guest participant.

I have had all three meet-ups this afternoon. All discussions were really positive and hopefully helpful. I have sent each of them a follow-up email with useful links to follow as a potential career path into nuclear. I have also said that I am happy for them to contact me via email for any help, advice or a review of their CV before they apply for any jobs.
It was a relatively simple experience and nice to speak to people earlier in their career or those looking for a career change. I took a lot from the experience and hopefully helped the guys out too.

Mr A Crabtree – Get Into Nuclear

The meeting was so easy booking, joining and arranging, it was an excellent experience. I gained a lot of knowledge if I want to join the nuclear path. I recommend this chance to anyone passionate with a new challenge.

Andrew has given lots of information which I am yet to digest the process/ information. It was very useful, he shared a 7 point plan which I am going to use to enhance my opportunities. It was such a good and relevant session where I was able to ask different questions about the industry. Thank you for the opportunity. A. Copa – Savvy Guest participant.

“I got the right direction and clarity of jobs I should go for.  Savvy Guest has given me the insight approach in a very meaningful way which is a big eyeopener for me and that’s what I was exactly looking for.”

“I recommended Savvy Guest to all my colleagues to find similar opportunities to search for sensible and valuable meetings.”

“I believe Savvy Guest is a brilliant idea and I introduced it to my friend unsure about what her next step in the UK can be.”

“Personally, if I had a pre-chat with an employer many years ago, it would give me a better understanding of what the expectations of my major can be and I might not have chosen it!”

“What is impressive to me is Savvy Guest is very keen to help others.”

We spoke about her main career goals and discussed the various approaches she could take in order to get to where she wanted to be. We discussed volunteering, training and cold emailing/calling organisations to discuss opportunities.”   

Natasha Bernard Employment & Training Adviser Motiv8

“I had a lovely chat and move on the next step for a new start.  l’ll tell everyone how this works and say about my experience”

I. Tozer Savvy Guest Participant

” It has definitely helped for the next stepping stone. The meeting I had with Natasha will really help me to move forward. Thank you”

D. Gallaghan Savvy Guest Participant

“So pleased that I got involved with Savvy Guest and spent a wonderful afternoon speaking to two women with passion and a desire for making a difference. Glad to have helped in some small way Pakeeza and Danielle”

Diane Curry OBE – CEO POPS

“The opportunities for meetings within the industry are really helpful to those of us wishing to embark but not quite sure where to go. They allow for serious discussion about requirements of soft and hard skill sets required in order to succeed for specific role or vacancy. It really gave me great insight and solidified where I want my career and skills to be in order to help individuals”

D. Hurst Savvy Guest Participant.

It was a meeting which told me to the paths of career choices or decisions. There is no doubt that I will recommend it.

P. Batool Savvy Guest Participant

“Joining savvy guest was straightforward. The whole process was easy the meeting was useful and informative and the experience was great and she offered some good advice and useful information. I would highly recommend savvy guest to family and friends. Thank you for the opportunity”

H. Peter Savvy Guest Participant

It was very useful because on your website we can easily find professionals who work in our interested area of work. Considering this, when you have the opportunity to talk with some professionals, you can get information to reach your plan in an easier way.

J. Ferraz Savvy Guest Participant

“The process was very simple and I felt the contact from Savvy guest at each point was just the right amount to keep me updated and know what to expect.” “I’ll be keeping in touch with Chinte to see how he gets on and see if there’s anything else I can help him with” A. Toth Bruntwood

“It was a great opportunity to chat with an industry expert in the area of my interest. She was able to give me insight from her personal career path and projects she is currently working on. This gave me insight into the kind of skills I need to be focusing on in order to develop.”

C. Mallawara Savvy Guest Participant

Savvy Guest have introduced me to the extensive world of the Travel Industry and even in these precarious times, I feel it is of the upmost importance for people with disabilities or illness to have positive joyful and unique experiences tailored to their individual needs. R. Kelly. Savvy Guest participant.

The learners got a lot from your session and we signed them up straight away. It’s such a valuable support service, particularly for those who have not had interviews for a long time and have low confidence levels. They were buzzing afterwards.  Thanks again for your brilliant advice and energy. It was a real tonic.

S. Womersley – MAES Manchester Adult Education Services – Manchester City Council

So today I had a very productive meeting with the Director of two successful businesses called Savvy Guest and Young Graduates respectively.

I had a Savvy Guest experience and got to ask questions that I wouldn’t necessarily be in that space to get answered. However I picked the brain of someone who had 20 years plus experience in Business and community.” – Mr Kelly

“It was useful to hear about the importance of Virgin Brand guidelines. I was offered a guest pass to use the lounge five times which was useful for a couple of meetings I have already had as coffee and tea are complimentary  – Keep doing what you do its great”  N. Norton-Shafau

Based on your visit to the Savvy Guest website, how easy was it to join and navigate the Savvy Guest website?


How did you find the whole experience from joining up to attending your Savvy Guest meeting?


Based on your experience, how likely are you to recommend Savvy Guest?


Really enjoyed meeting Nxxx – process is really simple and well set up.

Feedback provide by J. Quinn. Events and Promotion Manger – Virgin Lounge

It doesn’t matter whether you know plenty about your chosen career path or very little, an opportunity to meet another passionate practitioner is inspirational and insightful. Whatever the question in your mind, especially the one you’re avoiding, another experienced person can offer an angle that makes sense, that throws in a whole new perspective. After just one hour, I walked away feeling energised, clear and raring to go.

Let’s keep the magic going

Alison Edmonds – EPIC STEPS

Thank you for a very informative chat via Savvy Guest. I was particularly appreciative of the insightful questions and hearing from your experience. Dora Blake


I did this because I wanted to give something back. As it was, Not only did I feel I contributed something positive,  I actually got something out of it from my own personal development perspective, and so I am going to do it again…

    Graham Niven, Tandem Financial Services.

Hi Savvy Guest, 

The process was easy to navigate and the interview with Graham Niven extremely informative and useful. 

Thanks for the opportunity

Ms J  Stott.

I have used Savvy Guest on a number occasions and have met with people who were interested in progressing their businesses. Both guests were in the startup stage of business and welcomed tips I was able to give them from my personal experiences. I think its a brilliant idea and will continue to use Savvy Guest to offer opportunities to others!

Dijonn Taylor, Young Graduate

The Hair Sanctuary

Hi Savvy Guest,

I enjoyed my meeting from the Savvy Guest host. She made me feel comfortable and gave all she had to offer in terms of experience, advice and possible connections to help take my business to the next level. The meeting gave me the reassurance and confidence boost I needed to continue my journey.

Ms N Brooks.


It went quite well…he seemed a little nervous but it’s all a process really so we chatted and got more of an idea there and then.  I’ve promised to send him some resources and things to help him understand the project management. He can keep in touch to ask any questions or get advice and guidance on anything”

Ms C. Huelin , Laing O’Rourke


Working as an Intern at Savvy Guest, it is impossible not to be caught up in the enthusiasm, passion and dedication for this impressive venture.

Savvy Guest provides the opportunity for potential employees to ‘try before you buy’ and gain real insight and advice from various sectors.

Not only do employees acquire positive publicity whilst fulfilling their CSR requirements but also the opportunity to potentially try out prospective employees.

I wish the Savvy Guest Team good luck with their venture, with such a strong concept and excellent execution I am sure they don’t need any luck in becoming a great success.

R.Hulme – Intern Savvy Guest


Hi Savvy Guest

After offering an opportunity to learn more about my work, I was pleased to have some good interest back. My guests were law students who wanted more insight into the legal world in the workplace.  They came armed with good questions and a positive attitude which made the opportunity interesting for all of us.  So much so that we lost track of time and ended up chatting for over 2 hours.

It was a great opportunity for all involved to both learn about and be able to give insights into this area; an opportunity only made possible by Savvy Guest.  I will definitely be offering and looking forward to taking part in more opportunities in the future.

Kristian Main, KGN Consultants

Dear Savvy Guest,

My meeting with KGN Consultants was helpful. Kristian answered all my questions with a lot of insight and gave helpful information about his line of work.”

Ms T Waddell

Dear Savvy Guest

 Just to let you know I just registered on Savvy Guest, Who knows?  Maybe I will find something really good for me. Anyway this session was priceless, I didn’t know about this website before.

It looks very professional and sounds good for future opportunities to pick right job. One more time big, Thanks for everything.  

 Mr P Edwards


Dear Savvy Guest,

The meeting with went really well, the Savvy Guest  was absolutely amazed by the technologies and opportunities we have at EON Reality. The applicant arrived 25 mins early but this is not a big deal and was very presentable. We have covered all major questions concerning the course at our Academy and the applicant really wants to join the course asap.

 Ms A Painter, EON  Reality

Dear Savvy Guest Team,

“The experience was great, seeing the company and IT technology. The whole process has been on point. I appreciate all your help. Thank you.”

Mr K Mahmood (Savvy Guest)


Dear Savvy Guest Team, “I enjoyed my meeting with Mrs Joyce Gbeleyi to Barlow Moor Community Association. The experience was great and I gained useful information for the steps of the path of my career from her. Since the 8th of November, I became a volunteer to Barlow Moor Community Association. You are doing a fantastic action by giving anyone the chance to meet their “mentor” and I want to thank you for that.

Ms P Mackitta (Savvy Guest)

Dear Savvy Guest Team,

“I have been referred two lovely ladies through Savvy Guest, both of whom came for a coffee and a chat and one of whom is being interviewed for a post as a Library Volunteer this Saturday morning.”

“I consider it to be a great privilege to give a little back in this way and by doing so we as an organisation are gaining SO much MORE!”

Ms J Gbeleyi,  Barlow Moor Community Association Ltd


Hi Savvy Guest,

“I just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity. I met with the Savvy Guest who was very nice, interesting to speak to could be a great contact for the future.”

 Ms L Samuels, ME1


I would like to thank Lisa from ME1 and Savvyguest. Lisa gave me a good understanding of what a Life coach does. I found it very interesting and I am now looking at how we can use coaching within Trafford Housing Trust.  Thanks

          Mr M Cottam (Savvy Guest)