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Use caution when copying images!

The World Wide Web has opened up a world which we previously had limited access to.  We are now able to connect and share our experiences with people across the globe and access images instantly using various social media channels.

If you use the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pininterest etc, you’re sure to find images of stunning scenery, holiday locations, makeovers, fashion and even some cracking humorous images.

I’m sure you’ll agree, seeing a photograph or image of a stunning beach automatically sells a story and feeds the appetite of wanting a holiday.  The use of smart phones has enabled us to snap photos, upload and share on various sites in real time for all to see.  Maybe it’s not the perfect picture, however it captures the moment and shows authenticity

Sometimes we search for images to fit in with a theme for; an article being produced, a newsletter or to add to a blog.  At some point, those tasked with the role will scroll through the many images available online.  Before you copy and paste or use any images not belonging to you, this is where you should tread with caution!

Somewhere on the page you may see the wording, ‘Images may be subject to copyright’.  Using these images can land you in hot water with the owners for not asking their permission to use. You may only become aware of it when you receive a letter for copyright infringement!  Now I don’t want to scare people away from sharing beautiful images, I am merely saying use with caution, check for copyright and ask for permission if there is.

We have taken some great pictures (although not professional) on our journey, which we post regularly on our website  See below recent images taken at Manchester Museum.

There is a place for professional photographers in all of this, especially when in need of that special image which only the professionals can produce.  If you would like to know what it takes for a career in photography, an opportunity to chat with professional photographer Tracey Gibbs is available at

Mcr Museum Elephant Mcr Museum Soldier Mcr Museum Egyptian Mce Museum Gazelle Mcr Museum Monkey Mcr Museum Spotted green frog Mcr Museum Brown Bear Mcr Museum Skeleton




Scary Makeover for Halloween

Trick or Treat!  Halloween is nearly here.  Supermarket displays are full of ghoulish costumes as children and adults gear up for a night of harmless horror.  As the early evening draws in on 30th October the knocks on the door will begin! Children making the door to door neighbourhood journey to fill their buckets with the tricks or treats that greet them.

I have to admit, I’m amazed with the efforts adults are making to get involved in the horror night parties, costumes, makeup, wigs and hats.  These themed parties appear to be much fun, although I have not had the liberty of attending one!  The shared pictures across social media show creative and some hilarious looks that are not for the faint hearted.

Halloween Parties are becoming popular and the make-up is more creative than ever.  ‘Special effects (sfx)’ is the name used for creating traumatic looks such as burns, cuts and scars.  A very special technique which some Make Up Artist’s use in films and now during Halloween.  If you have already booked in with a Make Artist for Halloween, you are a step ahead of the rest. I’ve been told it’s now a struggle to get a session booked in with a good MUA.

Decordova Halloween Pic 2


Decordova Mua is one such freelance MUA, whose work has been featured in a TV drama and has been called on to apply horror    make-up for the ever increasing Halloween parties.  Some of the skills needed for this exciting career includes plenty of creativity, flair and eye for detail, a great experience to see how this is all put together.

Decordova Halloween Pic 1

Decordova Mua is offering an insight into creating these ghoulish looks with a demo session on Savvy Guest.  If you would like to know more about what’s involved register at


Decordova Halloween pic child



Where there’s a Will ……






Each month we have added opportunities from Businesses that wish to offer pre-career chats and meet ups to individuals and groups to enable you to find out more about their job roles. As we step into Autumn Savvy Guest features Business of the Month KGN Consultants a professional and personal Will Writing and Pre-payment funeral planning service. They are also members of the Institute of Professional Will Writers and Golden Charter.


will images

The essence of the service they provide ensures they provide a tailor made solution that is right for the individual, their circumstances and the family. In addition they offer a flexible service, work with the individual in the comfort of their own home and surroundings at a convenient time.

There are many complexities when it comes to making a will and utilising the services of a professional is paramount. KGN offers specialist and professional advice and having a chat with the Director Kristian Main will give you an insight into the expertise required to fulfil this service. Alongside Will Writing sits additional quality planning including setting up powers of Attorney, Inheritance Tax Planning, and Trusts.

The remit of a Will Writer is both interesting and can be extremely rewarding. You have to be personable, and able to communicate sensitivity although speaking with Kristian he will relate there has been a few humourous moments along the way.

To register for an opportunity to meet Kristian and find out what inspired him to set up KGN Consultancy or if you wish to take advantage of the other pre career opportunities Savvy Guest has to offer visit or email

 will 2

Peek Through Freshers Week Keyhole

In a previous post earlier this month, we focussed on getting ready to go back to school, uni and work as the summer holidays  came to an end.

With the great weather we are experiencing this month, you could almost forget we’re in early Autumn.

Freshers Week Sunshine                      Freshers Week MMU                         Freshers Week Street Crowd

As some of us go back to our routines, this time of year is a fresh start for students making the transition to the many universities across the country.  Over the years the words ‘Freshers Week’  has been bantered around and as someone who did not attend university, I wanted to see what goes on.  ‘Freshers Week’ is the new student orientation at the beginning of the academic year where they get to find their feet in this new place they will call home for at least the next 12 months.

For those who are not familiar with the Oxford Road Corridor in Manchester, it is home to University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University.  Manchester has the largest population of students in Europe with approximately 70,000 attending the two campuses.

As I made may way through the hundreds of students who packed the pavements, there was a definite carnival like atmosphere around.  You couldn’t miss the loud music, megaphones, sandwich boards, information stations, costumes and the freebie promotions.

Freshers Week Mr Blobby                       Freshers Week Rikshaw                     Freshers Week Music Bus

I guess it could be quite overwhelming for someone who is just embarking on a new life as a university student.  On the other hand, I can see how it can help students to get excited about the journey ahead and alleviate some of their anxieties.

Our digital platform service at has a quite similar approach to ‘Freshers ‘, where people can have a fact finding pre career chat with employees.








These Giants are for Real!

I enjoyed a lovely evening as the guest of Opsium at the Manchester Giants Game.  It was my first experience of attending a basketball game, I really didn’t know what to expect however I was certain to ditch my stilettos and suit for my comfy jeans and trainers!

The Manchester Giants have a new home at the Lucozade Powerleague Trafford Soccerdome and I had been lucky enough to experience the new VIP Hospitality area at the pre season game of Manchester Giants Vs USA Select.

After some delicious nibbles and networking, the game got underway to rapturous applause, music and thunderous stamping.

MCR Giants warm up                                         MCR Giants 2


The tallest player for Manchester Giants was an incredible 7ft 1ins – a massive two feet taller than me even with my three inch stilettos!

Whilst the game was in full swing,  it got me thinking about the mammoth task of putting an event together and the different types of job roles required.  We were signed in by  Receptionists, ushered by Stewards, kept safe by Security, offered Hospitality and the list goes on.

In addition to the Giants playing great basketball they have on going commitment to develop initiatives offering Coaching skills to local communities.

MCR Giants 1                                               USA Select Basketball Players

We’re hoping through Savvy Guest we can bring some opportunities to have a chat with real Giants and staff about careers in sport, fitness and coaching.

Back to the game – with a few seconds remaining and four attempts of a final goal, the Giants lost by one point!







Back to College, back to Uni, back to Work


Well summer has nearly come to end.  The nights are drawing in and there is a chill in the air. The majority of people will be heading back to college, university and work after the summer break. Now’s the time to start looking at what Savvy Guest has to offer.  If it’s career tips and the opportunity to sample a career than look no further as Savvy has more opportunities and businesses signed up.  Take a look at the many diverse and unusual job roles on the Savvy digital platform and join today to find out what the various job roles entails.  Joining is easy all you have to do is follow the joining instructions on the website and you’ll be on your way.

The benefits of joining Savvy Guest include:

  • Gaining a real insight into a career by speaking to employees already in the job role.
  • Helps you to make a more informed decision on choice of careers.
  • Allows you an opportunity to ‘sample’ different careers across sectors without making a commitment.
  • Acts as a catalyst to seek relevant training or use transferable skills in a different sector.
  • You can apply for a distinguished Savvy Guest Certificate of Attendance can be used in personal profiles as evidence to  underpin some ‘knowledge and understanding’ of the job role and industry.

Furthermore you’ll  be investing in your future, whether you’re in the last year of education, looking for a new career, facing redundancy, or even a new start up business at we cover a varity of sectors and careers.  If you are seeking employment the website will allow you to ‘try before you  buy’ and ask all the questions you have wanted to know about a job role but have never had the chance.

So what are you waiting for? Navigate around the site and find out what’s on offer. You never know it could be the start of something new!

For further information or to let us know your views email



Savvy Guest Business of the Month – Asda Retail


Asda logo 2

Six weeks in and the Savvy digital platform is going from strength to strength. We have received some great feedback and we have a plethora of opportunities from businesses.

Every month at we feature a business that has uploaded opportunities on to the Savvy Guest digital platform. This month we are pleased to feature Asda Retail based on Princess Road in Hulme Manchester.

Asda own more than 500 Asda stores across the UK all varying in size. And although they vary in location and the range of products and facilities on offer, same low prices and friendly approach in every single one. The Supercentres bring together all the things that Asda and their parent company Walmart are famous for under one enormous roof – the widest product range, the best value and the friendliest service.

The Supercentres sell more than 40,000 products in total alongside products and services from opticians, pharmacies and photography departments. Asda cafés and petrol stations complete the mix.

Savvy Guest CEO Dijonn Taylor who recently met up with Angela Mcintosh, Asda Hulme’s Community Colleague commented, It’s great to welcome a company like Asda on board, giving us access to a range of employees who are on hand to share their career tips with individuals. Asda Hulme contributes tremendously to their local community and now is able to offer an additional CSR activity via Savvy Guest”

If you wish to take advantage of the opportunities Savvy Guest has to offer visit the Savvy Guest website or email




TOP TIPS for Registering your Company with Savvy Guest

small and med enterpise

We have provided a few top tips for registering your company with Savvy Guest and adding your first opportunity for a pre-career meeting.

We would like to suggest a few tips to ensure your opportunity is approved for visibility to the public.


Remember once logged in, go to your company profile page to add your company’s logo

Ensure the description of the opportunity is be completed in full to attract more visits to your offer. Look at the ALL FM opportunity as an example which is attracting a lot of interest.

We recommend opportunity dates are scheduled for a least 4 weeks in advance to give people optimum time to view the opportunities available.

If you have any problems making changes to your existing opportunity, please add a new opportunity and delete the old one.


We hope this information is useful.

The Savvy Guest Team


Team Savvy Guest and the ‘Eagle has Landed’

photo (5)

It was all happening at the Trafford Biz Expo this summer as Team Savvy Guest  headed off to the exhibition. The event was held at the fantastic venue, The POINT in Lancashire County Cricket Club. On arrival the Savvy Guest Team were greeted by a fantastic bird of Prey and its trainer. We could honestly say ‘the eagle had landed’ as we entered the exhibition.

Great to see some old friends and new as we visited many of the exhibitors. Make sure you log onto in the coming weeks to check out the new opportunities that have come on board. Register for your pre – career chat to sample your dream occupation and meet up with some of the employees and CEOs who run successful businesses. Find out what goes on behind the scenes at ASDA and ALL FM 96.9. Have a coffee with one of the employees at EON Reality or meet the CEO of Young Graduate to hear about their journey.  All it takes is a few simple to steps to register and reap the benefits of Savvy Guest. The benefits to you include:

  • Gaining a real insight into a career by speaking to employees already in the job role.
  • Helping you to make a more informed decision on choice of careers.
  • You can sample an opportunity for a different career across a sector without making a commitment.
  • You will be entitled to a distinguished Savvy Guest Certificate of Attendance which can be used in  personal profiles as evidence to underpin some ‘knowledge and understanding’ of the job role and industry
  • Whatever your options could help you to choose your new career or job role. The team at Savvy Guest are always happy to help and listen to your views. Email us at – we would love to hear from you.

Savvy Guest Team hit the airways at ALL FM 96.9

Events  started slightly differently when the Savvy Guest team were invited to fill the guest slot at Radio ALL FM 96.9. It  was great being part of the Voice of Manchester and to take part in the conversation with radio Presenter Annie Chisambo at ALL FM 96.9.Headquarters in Levenshulme.

Savvy Guest CEO Dijonn Taylor and Sales and Marketing Director Val Dickinson were put through their paces when they featured on the Money Programme broadcasting to over 14,000 local FM listeners. No pressure there then!

Savvy Guest are also pleased to welcome ALLFM onto Savvy where they have uploaded opportunities, so be sure to check out the amazing chances to go along and maybe be heard on the radio. Do you fancy being  a radio presenter?  Would you like to find out more about how a radio station works and what goes on behind the scenes?  Then register at www. and you could soon be on your way to meet and chat with the radio presenters and the professionals that help to run a successful radio station.

ALL FM 96.9 has been broadcasting to the communities of south, central and east Manchester for over 10 years and they stream on the internet alongside their air waves. The radio station showcases Manchester’s contemporary music, arts and culture while providing local, information and training programmes during the day.

Listen to the audio of the interview

 CEO Dijonn Taylor commented “it was a great interview and we are really grateful to Annie Chisambo for allowing us to introduce Savvy Guest to the ALL FM listeners.

Val Dickinson,  Sales and Marketing Director went on to say….”We loved being on ALL FM – it was a fun show to do and we thoroughly enjoyed telling everyone about”

Would we do it all again –  of course!


all fm savvy 2

The Savvy Guest team at ALL FM 96.9

The Savvy Guest team at ALL FM 96.9