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A Savvy Guest Experience told by a participant in their own words.

Such an enlightening meeting today with Savvy Guest.

As a care worker with over 20 years’ experience, I am fully aware of the well-being impact a holiday can have on a person’s health.

I am amazed at the wonderful experiences on offer to people of all abilities. The time has now come for me to use my knowledge and help people with disabilities gain an ethereal experience on their chosen holiday.

Savvy Guest have introduced me to the extensive world of the Travel Industry and even in these precarious times, I feel it is of the upmost importance for people with disabilities or illness to have positive joyful and unique experiences tailored to their individual needs.

So, with the help of extensively helpful people at Savvy Guest, let’s bring that joy into the precious lives of people for whom life is already challenging by ensuring they choose the right support and equipment and terrain for an unequivocally joyous experience.

 D. Kelly – Savvy Guest Participant

Spotlight Business of the Month – EQUITAS

Equitas helps companies make better, fairer hiring decisions with their interview software for in-person or remote, live interviews. Using best-practice interview methodologies and voice-led interviews, Equitas helps companies be representative of the communities they serve.

Our co-founding team formed the company after 8 years completing high volume recruitment campaigns, conducting thousands of interviews and assessments for a range of FTSE100 and public sector companies such as Aldi, BSkyB, Hays, HMPPS, Lloyds and Transport for London. Equitas was created to ensure that companies use fair, inclusive hiring practices and to help them build diverse teams with a best practice approach to hiring. 

In 2020 there has been growing interest from companies wanting to modernise their recruitment process, go digital and interview remotely. They are seeing the benefits of automating parts of the interview process, allowing their interviewers to focus on making accurate hiring decisions. Companies are also realising that diversity is changing from a tick box exercise into a core strategy of how successful companies operate. Equitas has developed software that helps them achieve this during their hiring process.

Global Digital Ambassador – World Assessment Council

At the end of 2019, we were thrilled our CEO was the recipient of an honorary award of Global Digital Ambassador for the World Assessment Council. We have so much to offer and so much more to give that we are excited for 2020. Savvy Guest has now been recognised globally for our award wining digital platform. Another award for the display cabinet!

“Promoting the cause of digitalization across Industry as well as Academia, for making learning and talent development more innovative, interactive and less stressful, while benefiting the environment, by assessing the impact of digital initiatives worldwide”

Working at the national and international levels, the WAC aims to articulate policy and implement programs likely to have the broadest possible impact for ‘Paper to Digital’ transition now and in the future.

Spotlight Business Of The Month – DUSTiD

Michael Livingstone is one of the co-founders of DustiD, a Manchester based start-up that are helping tackle the ever-increasing puzzle of why so many of us abandon our online shopping carts before we complete the transaction.

Online Shopping Cart Abandonment is a massive 2 trillion Dollar world-wide problem, which permeates all areas of online retail.

Imagine walking through Tesco’s or Marks & Spencer’s with your basket filled with goodies, you get to the checkout, leave your basket on the side…and just walk out.

Not only is this a global issue for retailers, there are inherent reasons why their customers are choosing not to complete the transaction.

Michael’s DustiD journey began, as he freely admits, because he used to be a bad friend, like millions of people around the world, Michael found it difficult to send surprise gifts to his friends and family because asking for their address details always ruined the surprise. Instead he either sent them a text message with an emoji or nothing at all”

But you can’t be a bad friend for ever and so in 2010 Michael and his co-founder Melanie McGuinness began their mission to become ‘better friends’.

Their original concept was an online platform named ‘Postal genie’, which they entered in an online innovation competition sponsored by a high street bank. By making it easier to address items purchased online Postal Genie would help online retailers increase their revenues by converting sales that previously would have been lost or abandoned.

Unfortunately, Postal genie wasn’t shortlisted to proceed further within the competition

Although they were disappointed at the time, elements of their concept were soon to appear within a major fintech product. To them this not only demonstrated proof of concept, it also validated the technology and the positive shift in attitudes towards personal data.

It’s only now, nine years on from that original competition, that Michael and Melanie feel confident in launching what they believe will be a game-changing global service within online postal delivery and beyond.

Postal Genie now rebranded as ‘DustiD’ after Michael’s late mother-in-law’s constant barrage to get certain tasks ‘Done & DustiD’. They’ve updated the technology, taking advantage of the growth in cloud architecture and API’s. When asked for their elevator pitch; “

DustiD is as an online platform that collects, stores and distributes to online retailers validated and up-to-date delivery address details on behalf of their customers. supported by an iOS and Android App that allows the registered DustiD recipient to manage where they want their DustiD parcels delivered.

Our ‘Addressless Mailing’ process is unique in that buyers never need to find or know any of the recipients shipping address details, unlocking those last-minute impulse purchases.

To be a better friend… or just to know more, contact or visit our website at

Cards & gifts, or anything else in-between, chosen, posted…done & DustiD.

Our CEO wins a Highly Commended Award at the Inspire Awards 2019

Our CEO and Founder Dijonn Taylor has been recognised as a Highly Commended Woman in Business 2019 at the prestigious Inspire Awards recently held in Bolton.

Dijonn was up amongst ten other inspiring women finalists in the Women in Business category. There was a degree of shock and cheers as her name was called out by BBC News Presenter Anabelle Tiffin who presented her with the Award.

Dijonn said, “It was a special moment to be recognised and Highly Commended as a Inspirational Woman in Business” There were many women, men and children who had been an inspiration to her and was blown away by their stories.

We will continue to work with businesses and organisations to help them showcase the positive diversity, inclusion and recruitment processes they can get involved with using Savvy Guest. Dijonn said, “The future looks great from where I’m standing”

Dijonn recieved Inspire Award from BBC’s Anabelle Tiffin

Top Scores from Virgin Money

It’s nice to know that our participating employers are gaining as much out of Savvy Guest as do our participants. The feedback is so important for us to know that we are getting the balance right.

Virgin Money recently offered an opportunity to have a pre-career meet up with the Events and Marketing manager. It went very well and we are pleased to receive ‘Top Marks’

Virgin Money opened its Lounge in our fair city at 98 King Street nearly a year ago. The Lounge is free to use for Virgin Money (and previously Northern Rock) customers and their guests.

The Lounge is super comfortable and a welcoming space for customers and their guests to relax during the day . And on certain evenings, the Lounge is available to hold community events and meetings. It’s all part of Virgin Money’s ambition to make ‘Everyone Better Off’.

Naomi Brooks The Hair Sanctuary

Naomi shares her experience of using Savvy Guest.

Listen to what Alex has to say

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Spotlight Business of the Month

Working with a bank of freelancers on a project by project basis, The Zebra Partnership founded in 2000 is a publishing, campaign and events agency that can white label, co-produce or work under their own logo. They also have Zebra Comics which is books, graphic novels and comics. Two of their publications are in the official Pankhurst Centre Library. 

The Zebra Partnership is headed by Carol Ann Whitehead, a Royal Society of Arts Fellow and award-winning magazine publisher, Carol Ann is a communications expert with experience organising a variety of events from 8 to 8000, U.K. and overseas, plus organising five royal visits since 2004. 

A former Associate Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University and Trustee of Walk the Plank Arts Charity, Carol Ann is also an advocate for equality and diversity she has organised International Women’s Day events since 2013. She is co-founder of the Ada Lovelace Day Zebra Wikieditathon, which aims to increase women’s global presence on Wikipedia from 17% and contributors from 10%. #ZebraTribe #Wikieditathon is very proud to be on History Pin.

Carol Ann collaborated with feminist charity FiLiA to bring their globally recognised annual conference to Manchester for 2018. Shes back planning the FiLiA 2019 conference which brings together like minded women, fighting injustices across the world, fighting #violencetowardswomen, pay disparity, #discrimination against refugees, #racism, #classism. No topic is taboo.

Carol Ann was invited by her MP to join 300 MPs and fellow potential MPs at the historic #AskHerToStand event at the Palace of Westminster the campaign is striving for 50% representation of women in Parliament.

Carol Ann is proud to be a 50:50 Parliament Ambassador.

As part of ‘The People’s Hub’ campaign team she delivered a lecture at the United Nations Youth Association in Denmark. The team are now working to support the UN Global Goals and planning a workshop for the UN Festival in 2019.

Five Social Media Tips For Small Businesses


Every month we feature a business who is offering an opportunity on  This month we are delighted to feature a guest blog from Sarah Bennett, Director of TechandToast

You’re running a small business and you understand that you need a social media presence. It’s difficult though, right? Not enough time, not enough resource or maybe you’re not sure if you need social media to grow your business?

83% of the UK adult population use social media and this figure is rising. What do they use it for? Well, of course, selfies, chatting and sharing cat memes but did you know that a recent UK study showed that 50% of people do not trust a business until they see “proof” that it’s reputable? How do they do that? Well, they go online.

With 40% of people heading online to research before every purchase, if your business doesn’t have a strong online presence, you’re missing out.

Social media for business often gets people in a tangle. Yes, you can potentially damage your reputation if you mishandle a complaint or a situation online. But, with a strategy and using common sense, this can be easily avoided. If you recognise social media for its benefits as a tool in your marketing armoury, then you’re half-way there. Here are five social media tips for small businesses.

Be Human (With Filters!)

The best advice I can give you is to pretend you’re a party host. You want your party to be memorable (for the right reasons!), talked about by others (sharing of your posts) and you want people to book you to host their parties too. You should relax, have fun, ask questions and put your party guests first. Focus on the benefits of supporting your business, rather than what’s in it for you.

If you were hosting a party, you wouldn’t just shove a sausage roll in someone’s hand and say “ have this! ”  – which is a mistake that much small businesses makes on social media. They think they’re there purely to sell “ Buy this, try this, use this…” etc.  In reality, you’re there to offer the full buffet to your party guests, explaining what each dish is, considering whether they’ll enjoy it (or not) and topping up their drinks at the same time! Concentrate on what the benefits are to your social media followers. Not, just on making sales.

Personality sells. Authenticity sells. People want to hear and see the human side of any business. Had a successful week? Talk about it! Got a new member of staff? Tell people. Struggling with a problem? Ask for solutions. Just stay away from politics, religion and controversy. Leave that for ranting on your personal Facebook page!

Plan Ahead

There’s a lot to be said about strategy. Social media without planning will fail. You don’t have to produce an all-singing, all-dancing strategy document to succeed. Keep it simple. Concentrate on:

  • Your aims and objectives.
  • Measurable and realistic goals.
  • Content to be shared.

Don’t forget obvious sources of inspiration, such as calendar days. Halloween, Christmas, and even the just wintry weather could all be topics for discussion online.

Most social media can be scheduled in advance and this can often be a lifesaver for the small business. Dedicate an hour or so each week for scheduling. My only reservation is to consider that you need a human element to your social too. Don’t schedule absolutely everything. Post some “ real time” posts and don’t forget to engage with people.

The Magic 3

Consider the ‘magic 3’ when creating your posts:

  • Copy
  • Images
  • Call to action

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write effectively. Think of your audience, be clear and concise and watch your spelling and grammar. Focus on the benefits for your audience and not just features.

Every post should have an image. Static or video. Engagement on posts without images is significantly less. Why? They just don’t catch people’s attention. Try and avoid cheesy stock images if you can. Take your own or it can be worth having professional images taken. Video is “ huge ” at the moment. People react to them and the social media platforms like them too – especially Facebook. Share a video on your business page and it will be seen by more people organically than a standard image.

We often forget to include calls to action in social media posts. Why? Well, sometimes we assume people know what to do and also, we’re just too polite! A solid ‘cta’ can make a huge difference. If you want people to click on a link/message you/call/share etc, just say so.

Mix and Match

As part of your strategy, consider the types of posts that you can create. There’s no solid formula, but aim for no more than 20% sales posts. So, what do you do for the other 80%? Try these ideas:

  • Third party content that appeals to your audience
  • Local news
  • The occasional meme
  • Stories about your business
  • Inspirational content
  • Facts and figures
  • Hints and tips
  • Ask questions
  • Content generated from your audience
  • Live video (Facebook Live, Instagram TV etc)
  • Testimonials
  • Blog content

    Consider Paid Social

    It’s still possible to grow accounts and gain leads organically. But, it’s hard. Let’s be honest. Organic reach has fallen through the floor for many businesses.

    Paid social, aka social media advertising is a growing market. The main platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This type of advertising can be very effective and you can get a great return on your investment. You don’t have to spend a fortune either.

    It’s not a golden ticket, but, if you get your targeting right, your ad copy resonates with your audience and of course your product is appealing then you can reap the rewards.

    Social media is a challenge for most businesses. You need to be creative, responsive, interesting and proactive – all whilst running your business!  You don’t need to be perfect. You just need to plan ahead and make the most of everything that is available to you.

    I can prepare your accounts for £750+VAT. All businesses catered for. Get in touch for a quote. Sarah Bennett, Tech and Toast