Opportunity Search Form

For Organisations

We have two complete packages for organisations:

Host Employer Programme

  • Register to be a Host Employer – Giving wider audiences an opportunity to have pre-career conversations with your employees.
  • Four easy steps to offer your opportunities
  1. Register your organisation on the website.  http://savvyguest.co.uk
  2. Identify employees who are happy to share their career experiences and knowledge.
  3. Upload an opportunity with an offer to have a pre-career conversation either virtual or face to face meeting your employees.
  4. The selected guest/s will be chosen and invited to have a pre-career conversation.

Benefit to Companies/Organisations

  • Central managed marketplace for employers to engage with wider audiences to share realistic insight into job roles and the sector.
  • Low level commitments to hosting a guest, anything from a virtual chat over coffee, to shadowing a member staff – nothing more than a day.
  • Have open and informal discussions with interested career searchers where they can make better informed decisions before committing to a job role or sector.
  • Employee recognition as Company Ambassadors.
  • Demonstrating measurable social value and creating awareness about he job roles that make up your brand.

Benefits for Staff

  • Benefit from enhanced communication skills and personal development whilst articulating career journey’s and experiences to the guest.
  • An opportunity to be recognised as a contributor to the company’s core strategy and commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • A personalised Savvy Guest Certificate demonstrating staff have fulfilled their commitment to the Company CSR agenda and the wider community.

The Internal Talent Pipeline Programme

A managed and measurable internal employee engagement solution, to enhance diversity and inclusion, internal mobility, career progression, learning and development.

Offer your internal employees a transparent and informal way to meet and have pre -career conversations. A blueprint to capture employee engagement, aspirations, diversity and inclusion within the workforce.