Opportunity Search Form

For Business

Four easy steps to offer your opportunities

  1. Register on the website.
  2. Identify employees who can share their  experiences and knowledge
  3. Upload an opportunity to give a guest the chance to have a pre-career  meeting with your employee.
  4. The selected guest will be chosen at random and invited in to have a chat.

Benefit to Companies/Organisations

  • Low level commitments to hosting a guest, anything from a chat over coffee to shadowing a member staff – nothing more than a day.
  • Open discussions with interested career searchers to ‘enter into dialogue’ with your employees before committing fully.
  • Employee recognition as Company Ambassadors.
  • A way of showcasing the mechanics that make up the brand and the added benefits from working in the industry.
  • An opportunity to become the Exclusive Headline Sector Specific Sponsor on the digital platform.
  • Greater company awareness and visibility on the ‘SavNav and  CSR Wall’. A dedicated place on our website to showcase Corporate Social Responsibility activities and advertise training, courses and events.

Benefits for Staff

  • Benefit from enhanced communication skills and personal development whilst demonstrating their experiences and knowledge about their industry to their guest.
  • An opportunity to be recognised as a contributor to the company’s core strategy and add value to the company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • A personalised Savvy Guest Certificate demonstrating staff have fulfilled their commitment to the Company CSR agenda and the wider community.