Opportunity Search Form

For Business

  • Four easy steps to offer your opportunities
  1. Register on the website.
  2. Identify employees who can share their  experiences and knowledge
  3. Upload an opportunity to give a guest the chance to have a pre-career  meeting with your employee.
  4. The selected guest will be chosen at random and invited in to have a chat.

Benefit to Companies/Organisations

  • Low level commitments to hosting a guest, anything from a chat over coffee to shadowing a member staff – nothing more than a day.
  • Open discussions with interested career searchers to ‘enter into dialogue’ with your employees before committing fully.
  • Employee recognition as Company Ambassadors.
  • A way of showcasing the mechanics that make up the brand and the added benefits from working in the industry..

Benefits for Staff

  • Benefit from enhanced communication skills and personal development whilst demonstrating their experiences and knowledge about their industry to their guest.
  • An opportunity to be recognised as a contributor to the company’s core strategy and add value to the company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • A personalised Savvy Guest Certificate demonstrating staff have fulfilled their commitment to the Company CSR agenda and the wider community.

We also offer help with Inclusion, Equality & Diversity within companies

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  • Pre Recruitment Meet Up Days