Spotlight Business of the Month – EQUITAS

Equitas helps companies make better, fairer hiring decisions with their interview software for in-person or remote, live interviews. Using best-practice interview methodologies and voice-led interviews, Equitas helps companies be representative of the communities they serve.

Our co-founding team formed the company after 8 years completing high volume recruitment campaigns, conducting thousands of interviews and assessments for a range of FTSE100 and public sector companies such as Aldi, BSkyB, Hays, HMPPS, Lloyds and Transport for London. Equitas was created to ensure that companies use fair, inclusive hiring practices and to help them build diverse teams with a best practice approach to hiring. 

In 2020 there has been growing interest from companies wanting to modernise their recruitment process, go digital and interview remotely. They are seeing the benefits of automating parts of the interview process, allowing their interviewers to focus on making accurate hiring decisions. Companies are also realising that diversity is changing from a tick box exercise into a core strategy of how successful companies operate. Equitas has developed software that helps them achieve this during their hiring process.

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