A Savvy Guest Experience

A Savvy Guest Experience told by a participant in their own words.

Such an enlightening meeting today with Savvy Guest.

As a care worker with over 20 years’ experience, I am fully aware of the well-being impact a holiday can have on a person’s health.

I am amazed at the wonderful experiences on offer to people of all abilities. The time has now come for me to use my knowledge and help people with disabilities gain an ethereal experience on their chosen holiday.

Savvy Guest have introduced me to the extensive world of the Travel Industry and even in these precarious times, I feel it is of the upmost importance for people with disabilities or illness to have positive joyful and unique experiences tailored to their individual needs.

So, with the help of extensively helpful people at Savvy Guest, let’s bring that joy into the precious lives of people for whom life is already challenging by ensuring they choose the right support and equipment and terrain for an unequivocally joyous experience.

 D. Kelly – Savvy Guest Participant

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