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This month we are delighted to feature Suzi Brown of  The Smart Bear who has provided the guest blog and who is offering an opportunity on  

This month we are delighted to feature Suzi Brown of  The Smart Bear.

In a world which is becoming more and more web-driven, Suzi Brown, or as you might know her; The Smart Bear, is a web developer and designer with a difference.  After working in roles which involved website administration for a number of years, Suzi went back into higher education and attained a First-Class honours degree in Multimedia and the Internet in 2013 from Salford University at age 35.  Suzi went straight into business aiming to help those smaller businesses who may not have the expertise or resources to make the most of their online presence.  As a qualified trainer for teaching adults how to operate their own website, Suzi specialises in WordPress.

“Web design and development fulfils both my creative and my logical/scientific side. The best thing is creating something new and helping build businesses with their growth in mind.”  Suzi has helped smaller businesses create a more professional-looking website and facilities for their clients, e-commerce, booking systems, portfolios.  Adding to all of this, her own design ability and skill in coding, she has been able to create unique websites for her clients with a bespoke-feel.

“My ideal client is one with clear goals but is flexible enough to allow my creativeness to explore. I think more can be achieved this way than by being prescriptive. The most challenging websites are always those without any content or a logo to work from – it’s like trying to magic something from nothing.”

However, Suzi states she does have a range of talented subcontractors available to help like graphic designers and copywriters.  One of the aims of The Smart Bear is to keep the approachability of a smaller agency, whilst the business is growing, and to maintain the close link between developer and client.  Suzi’s first client was Sadhana Ali from Sadhana Yoga ( and Suzi is proud to say that she’s still her client and friend.

In addition to creating bespoke WordPress websites for her clients, Suzi also offers re-skins (redevelopment for existing websites) and maintenance packages too.  These help clients keep their websites up to date and operating smoothly. The website can be found at and it includes information on the services which Suzi and her team offer.

So, what would Suzi tell the  2013 her, what she has learned? “Get procedures in place from the start, not only does it make the process more efficient but clients do need advice and structure. They’re often coming for help because they don’t know how to do it themselves, so they need direction.”

If you would like to have a look at The Smart Bear’s portfolio, follow the link for examples of Suzi’s work, or get in touch for a cup of tea and a chat!

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