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Every month we upload a guest blog from companies who are offering opportunities on Savvy Guest, This month we are delighted to feature Bennett Staff Bureau who are based in Hyde.  MD Claire goes onto say …..

Bennett’s was originally established in 1958 by Mr Roy Bennett who started his career as an Official Court Shorthand Writer to the Lord Chancellor’s Office, producing transcripts and attending courts and international conferences in many parts of the world.

Roy Bennett’s early experience of using an employment agency was during the last ‘capital punishment’ murder trial at a UK court. He needed an experienced typist to type up draft transcripts within 24 hours for the Government Departments and Appeal Court. The agency he used provided a ‘two fingered’ typist who could only work from 11am till 2 pm that day. The agency had obviously not provided the service needed within the timescales as the transcripts were needed by the Lord Chancellor. The agency was then unable to find a replacement so Roy Bennett completed the transcripts himself and subsequently started the Employment Bureau Service.

Palantype with Trade Mark

The idea of providing a same day professional service based around clear customer need was borne, embracing applicant testing and referencing, and the pillars of listening, professionalism and a team approach are the values and ethos of our business today.

Bennetts currently operates from the hub at Hyde covering Tameside, Oldham and Stockport. Now filling vacancies all across the NW region with Commercial, Industrial and Catering staff. Prior to 2007 the company had several other branches, Oldham, Stockport, Altrincham, and Ashton which thrived through earlier recessions.


With the increasing use of technology and the way BSB delivered its services to its client base, it was clear that by 2007, BSB did not need a high street presence and the opportunity was therefore taken to close the local branches. This has made the current operation much more streamlined and customer focused with consistent customer and business practices due to all operations being under one roof.

Taking the business to the next level are our 2 Experienced Recruitment Directors Claire and Rob, followed by 2 Experienced Recruitment Team leaders Joanne and Chris, then our Experienced Recruitment Consultants Katie and Tom. We have our own in house accounts Julie and Beryl who both have a wealth of experience.

Managing Director – Claire outside 10 Downing St

Having won awards, accreditations, audits and recently Trading Standards approved. We can honestly say we are good at what we do!

So if you are looking to recruit good talent or looking to find employment then look no further than Hyde, one of Hyde’s oldest businesses, which is still going very strong. Tel: 0161 368 5511

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