Haircare is necessary for all hair types, textures and conditions


The Hair Sanctuary

Every month we invite one of the Savvy Guest businesses who have offered an opportunity on This month we are pleased to feature ‘The Hair Sanctury Ltd.’ The owner is Naomi Brooks.

Naomi goes onto say …Haircare is necessary for all hair types, textures and conditions. That means whether you have straight, curly, Afro, Asian, Coloured, Relaxed or Natural hair (basically everyone), haircare is important. All hair is the same in terms of its make up so will be effected by the same things such as, routine, products, diet and health. So we all need to be aware of what we do relating these areas the impact it has on our hair.

Firstly, let’s talk about our diets and health as this probably has the biggest impact on our hair. The sayings ‘You are what you eat’ and ‘What’s put inside will show on the outside’ are very true and your hair is the first place to show signs of this. You may notice this whenever you are ill or your diet isn’t the best, this is due to the fact that your body isn’t a vital organ or tissue so your body doesn’t prioritie its nutritional needs. So it is important to make a conscious effort to take care of your health and well being and here are a few things to be mindful of when it comes to your diet or a few changes you could make to improve the condition of your hair.

  • Water – water intake is good for number of reasons but keeping your body hydrated means the same for your hair. This keeps moisture in the hair.
  • Vitamins – vitamins A, D, E & B12 are particularly beneficial to hair, as they create sebum, which is natural oils produced from the body. This is great for dry scalps and keeping your hair moisturised. These vitamins can be food in some foods or can be taken as a supplement.
  • Protein – As the hair is made up of protein (Keratin), having an intake of protein will help in building your hair. You can get protein from a number of foods, Meats, Eggs, Beans, Peas, Lentils, Nuts & Chia seeds.

Noted above are a few things to take into consideration, but as much as they can benefit your hair, too much of them can also have a negative effect. So moderation and balance is important here.

Secondly, products, what do use or lack of use? It is very important that you are using the right products for what your hair needs. This may change when the condition of your hair changes, whether that’s to weather, health or diet. So you could use a moisturising range for one stage and a repair or strengthening range at another stage. You may find that it takes you a while to find products that work for you but it is trial and error in this area, as what works for one may not work for another. At The Hair Sanctuary, we would always recommend using professional products and a full range, because products work better when used as a collective. For example, if you use a branded shampoo for colour treated hair be sure to use the same conditioner and any finishing products they have to accompany them.

Lastly is the routine. Getting into a routine will help you to get to know your hair better so you can notice any changes quickly and be confident in your products and styling. A routine of cleansing once a week, doing a deep condition once a month and using minimal heat, along with the previous points will give healthy, shiny and growing hair. For anyone who needs an extra boost to their routine The Hair Sanctuary offers  a product called ‘Miracle Drops’ which has a variety of the vitamins that promotes healthy hair and growth.

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