Savvy Guest & The Stroke Association – Lost for Words


Scott with Dijonn

Dijonn with Scott from the Stroke Association

This month we have been working in partnership with Stroke Association. Scott Smith is the Community Development and Partnerships Manager for the Stroke Association  in the North West.  He is passionate about helping those affected by neurological conditions and he was delighted to be asked to help check blood pressures at our recent Savvy Guest event for Small Business Saturday at Rise, Deansgate, Manchester.

Dijonn and Val put Savvy Guest in the picture

Dijonn and Val put Savvy Guest in the frame

Scott explains…

So, you’re thinking how is the brain and blood pressure connected – here’s how! Just over half of all strokes are caused by high blood pressure. That’s why it is so important to regularly check your blood pressure, as there are no recognisable signs or symptoms of high blood pressure. So, you don’t know unless you check.

The Stroke Association works tirelessly in trying to prevent strokes by checking thousands of blood pressures each year. Here in the North West we had a blood pressure event on two out of every three days which is a fantastic achievement for all involved.

As well as preventing strokes, we support people living with life after stroke. We are in the middle of our ‘Lost for Words’ campaign which highlights the difficulty communicating after a stroke can be. Aphasia is a disorder that occurs when the language areas of the brain are damaged by stroke. It can affect a person’s ability to speak, write, read and even to be understood by their loved ones.

The tragedy of aphasia affects a third of all stroke survivors. And because a stroke happens suddenly, this life-changing event is terrifying and can leave many stroke survivors feeling isolated and lonely, even when surrounded by family and friends.

So,  I urge you all to do two things this Christmas – firstly check your blood pressure and secondly head over to our website and read the incredibly inspiring stories of those living with aphasia after stroke. If you’re feeling festive, you may wish to send a donation to the Stroke Association, because with your support this, we can help people with aphasia find their words again after stroke.”



You can also follow Scott on Twitter: @ScottSmith_SA for all the updates and news on the Stroke Association


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