Savvy Guest Business of the month – Fresh Off the Runway


This month we are delighted to feature a blog from Ladene Taylor, from Fresh Off the Runway. If you would like the opportunity to chat to Ladene and find out about the world of Fashion, please register at

Fresh Off the Runway first took place in 2014, an urban fashion show created to cater for the untapped market of fashion lovers of Manchester, providing fashion that is different, unique and appealing to the rising sector.  The event takes place once a year showcasing the year’s chosen designers with new collections to be seen by members of the public and industry specialists.

Fresh off the Runway is the great place for designers meet and interact with their target audience as well as industry professionals which could provide great business contacts for designers.

In this fashion event we showcase some of the hottest looks currently on the streets of Manchester with each designer having its unique interpretation.


Fresh Off the Runway is a creativity showcase, an event that helps the community sustain itself as a social enterprise. There is a great demand for customised event for sole traders, self employed and graduate students and artists in the community that would like a career in the fashion and textiles industry.

A big part of Fresh Off the Runway is using local fashion talents to help cultivate and expand their ability of success. We aim to successfully promote and showcase the diverse cultures in Manchester with both male and female designers from all walks of life.

The next catwalk show will take place in Manchester on Sunday September 25th. Watch this space for details.


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