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Will the holiday season on the horizon – this month we are delighted to feature a blog from Gary Manners, Travel Counsellors.  If you would like the opportunity to chat to Gary and find out about the world of travel, please register at Savvyguest.com

With the news that the UK has voted to leave the EU, I had a few questions from concerned customers asking whether this decision will affect their travels this year.

To reassure you that your holiday is in safe hands, below are some of the questions you might have, and our answers.

We’ll always let you know of any changes to your booking and if you have any other questions, remember that your Travel Counsellor is happy to chat through any queries you have.

Can I still travel to countries in the EU? Do I need a visa now?

Yes, you can still travel to countries in the EU and you don’t need a visa. When you go on holiday you’ll go through passport control and show your passport, as you normally would.

Travel requirements haven’t changed since the day before the referendum, so UK citizens can still travel freely to much of continental Europe.

It’s important to remember that the UK is likely to remain a member of the EU for at least two more years. This means that any changes to travel could take a long time to implement, and there’ll be many negotiations over the coming months and years before any changes are finalised.

Can I still use my EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)?

Yes, you can still use your EHIC to access local health services in all EU countries.

My passport has “European Union” printed on it, do I need to apply for a new one?

No, you don’t need to apply for a new passport, you can continue to use your existing, valid UK passport.

Is my holiday still financially protected?

Yes, all holidays booked through your Travel Counsellor are covered by our independent financial trust.

How does our trust work? In 2004 we created our own financial trust, which means that alongside our more traditional cover of ATOL (this protects some packages and charter flights) the Travel Counsellors trust also protects scheduled flights, budget airlines, accommodation and even car hire.

I’ve already booked my holiday, will it be more expensive now?

If you’ve already booked your holiday with your Travel Counsellor, this price will not change.

If you’ve received a quote for a holiday from your Travel Counsellor, this price could change. As you’ll have seen on the news, the value of the pound has fluctuated with the outcome of the referendum and so there may be changes to the cost of your holiday. Your Travel Counsellor will be in touch to go through all of the costs with you and will let you know if any of the prices have changed since you last spoke.

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We’ve already booked our holiday for next year, will this be affected?

No, your holiday for next year won’t be affected. This is because the UK is likely to remain a member of the EU for at least two more years.

Don’t forget at Travel Counsellors “We Care” and this makes us different and very special.

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