What Makes a Good Accountant?



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This month were are pleased to feature The Accountancy People. Owner and Accountant James Sheard has written the blogpost.

When I tell people I’m accountant, they glaze over slightly and often say ‘you must be good at maths’, but no, it’s the relationships you have with people that matter. Whilst I do use GCSE Maths, and work with numbers, it is by no means our most important skill.  Accountancy is all about interpreting information, often expressed in numbers, analytically, and then explaining this to others so that people can make informed decisions.

It’s the explaining and interpreting that’s the hardest part.  Yes,

Unless you have a great relationship of trust others will not seek you out or act on your advice.  We all like to do business with people we like, but building a professional relationship is more than this. You have to have a track record of good judgement, to be consistent and you need to spend enough time with people for the relationship to be established.  Robust relationships can also withstand disagreement, if the accountants analysis differs from the managing directors ‘gut instinct’, you need to be confident in the relationship to ensure that through discussion and disagreement the best solution for the business can be reached.

Accountants can, by their nature, be people who like detail and data.  One of the key skills only a few of us possess is to be able to take that data and put it into a format ‘civilians’ can understand that is:  usefully summarised, visually appealing and  with a valid interpretation of what it means.  By summarising in this way data is turned into invaluable information which can then be used to make decisions.

In summary the best accountants are good with the numbers, technically competent and great at building relationships of trust.



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