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Mr Franchise – Business Franchise Opportunities

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Every month we feature a business registered on Savvy Guest. This February were are pleased to announce Mr Franchise. Read all about their business franchise opportunities and offerings.

Franchise business ownership offers personalised face to face meetings, bespoke guidance at each stage of your journey until you are placed. Jon Case was made redundant, taking his skills, experience, future goals and investment he was ideally matched to a franchise concept. Successfully placed and is now wishing he had moved into business ownership years ago. He was that man in the pub who would say, I’d love to work for myself but just don’t know how or what?” He finally took the plunge as a result of Executive Outplacement Franchise Ownership.

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Typically the only option for outplacement is to get another job.

Assistance for laid-off workers at executive level is usually offered through some form of outplacement support. These are a breed of career services that helps newly unemployed to start job searches (on-line) and find work.

Choices/Outplacement 1) Executive Franchise Outplacement or 2) Get the same job elsewhere


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Savvy Guest aims  to offer as much information; advice and understanding of what skills are required within a job role to allow the users – our guests to gain invaluable information that could allow them to determine their future career paths. We hope you have found this blog useful.

At Savvy Guest we truly believe we offer a unique digital platform that allows the general public to meet up with company employees across different industries allowing the guest  to have an insight into their chosen occupation by a  pre-career conversation.

These companies are offering the opportunity to meet employees for a chat over coffee about their career. A great way to find out about their roles, what they do and whether it’s right for you before making a decision.


Savvy Guest is revolutionising the way we seek careers advice, as the current systems have become outdated.

New pre career opportunities recently added at we recommend you keep checking for regular updates, blogs and new slots coming available.







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