Use caution when copying images!

The World Wide Web has opened up a world which we previously had limited access to.  We are now able to connect and share our experiences with people across the globe and access images instantly using various social media channels.

If you use the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pininterest etc, you’re sure to find images of stunning scenery, holiday locations, makeovers, fashion and even some cracking humorous images.

I’m sure you’ll agree, seeing a photograph or image of a stunning beach automatically sells a story and feeds the appetite of wanting a holiday.  The use of smart phones has enabled us to snap photos, upload and share on various sites in real time for all to see.  Maybe it’s not the perfect picture, however it captures the moment and shows authenticity

Sometimes we search for images to fit in with a theme for; an article being produced, a newsletter or to add to a blog.  At some point, those tasked with the role will scroll through the many images available online.  Before you copy and paste or use any images not belonging to you, this is where you should tread with caution!

Somewhere on the page you may see the wording, ‘Images may be subject to copyright’.  Using these images can land you in hot water with the owners for not asking their permission to use. You may only become aware of it when you receive a letter for copyright infringement!  Now I don’t want to scare people away from sharing beautiful images, I am merely saying use with caution, check for copyright and ask for permission if there is.

We have taken some great pictures (although not professional) on our journey, which we post regularly on our website  See below recent images taken at Manchester Museum.

There is a place for professional photographers in all of this, especially when in need of that special image which only the professionals can produce.  If you would like to know what it takes for a career in photography, an opportunity to chat with professional photographer Tracey Gibbs is available at

Mcr Museum Elephant Mcr Museum Soldier Mcr Museum Egyptian Mce Museum Gazelle Mcr Museum Monkey Mcr Museum Spotted green frog Mcr Museum Brown Bear Mcr Museum Skeleton




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