First Steps to Career Success

As increasing unemployment and despondency along all job-seeking demographics is progressing – Savvy Guest is emerging at optimum time, at the peak of social media and internet engagement. Savvy Guest is revolutionising the way we seek careers advice, as the current systems have become outdated.

At Savvy Guest we truly believe we offer a unique digital platform that allows the general public to meet up with company employees across different industries allowing the guest to have an insight into their chosen occupation by a pre-career conversation.

Our aim is to offer as much information; advice and understanding of what skills are required within a job role to allow the users – our guests to gain invaluable information that could allow them to determine their future career paths.

From a company stance – Savvy Guest can offer an improved understanding by companies that Corporate Social Responsibility should be an important part of their core business strategy and that it is continually growing.

Savvy Guest is a versatile model which appeals to everyone from inquiring college students to graduates and Professionals eager to see what other sectors and industries could benefit from their unique sets of skills.

The Savvy Guest digital platform, is a powerful insight tool, and a unique device that benefits prospective employers, job seekers and a Corporate Social Responsibility facilitator.

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