The Easy Way to Sample a New Career - Have A ‘Pre Career’ Conversation.

Savvy Guest will give you the opportunity to meet with and spend a short time with someone in a job role for a pre-career conversation.
You will be able to ask questions that don’t usually appear on a job description and it will help you to make better choices about your future career options.

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To increase your opportunities you will also have the option to enrol as a gold member.

'Gold member' status will allow you unlimited applications to the Gold Badge opportunities featured. This gives you the opportunity to have pre-career conversations with employees whose salary is £45K and above.

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Three easy steps to your new career

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  2. Search for opportunities & apply
  3. One applicant is randomly chosen

Find out about Savvy Guest for Businesses

  • How did you get started?
  • What is the career route?
  • What are the tips of the trade?
  • What qualifications and skills do I need?

Being a Savvy Guest will give you the opportunity to ask questions you have always wanted to ask and gain realistic job expectations.